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Detta är min systerson; Sonny! Han är snart 8 månader gammal och är alltid glad och skrattar. Idag tog vi lite kort på honom i studion och det gick jättebra! 🙂 Fixade iordning några utav bilderna så att ni får se några smakprov.

Jag har en del bilder som ska levereras, lite svårt att hitta tiden till det nu när man har två stycken barn hemma 😉 Det är så mycket annat som ska göras hela tiden. Men i veckan nu så kommer Milton att vara på förskolan 15 timmar, då tänkte jag försöka få klart lite bilder och posta dessa 🙂

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  1. If you haven't already, put your request for Andy's to be re-evaluated in writing and copy the director of special ed/special srvcs. Ask that they notify you IN WRITING (including the rationale)if they refuse to re-evaluate him. Then, if necessary, have a private SLP evaluate him so you have someone backing you up.

  2. Io col Mighty Mouse mi trovo bene. All'inizio avevo problemi di pulizia, ma una volta scoperto il trucco di strofinare virulentemente la pallina su un foglio sono del tutto superati. Peccato che prima di scoprirlo ne ho sfondati un paio. Questo mouse, come già detto nell'altro post (ma ormai ne produci in surplus) è splendido. Bisogna vedere se faciliterà o meno le operazioni e quanto sarà versatile. 🙂

  3. : ton prix t’a bien été envoyé (les autres gagnants l’ont tous reçu) donc je n’y peux rien s’il y a eu un souci avec le transporteur ou je ne sais quoi d’autre, peut être parce que tu habites en Belgique. Bref désolé mais ne vient pas répandre ce genre de rumeurs ici stp, c’est déjà assez difficile de convaincre nos partenaires de nous faire confiance, on a pas besoin de ça…

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  5. The press are doing the job for them…… Sales of IPI are rising due to -ve press coverage and none stop clap trap from Gvt & the press suggesting we’re all scivving, welfare support is being slashed and Lord Freud is trying to ‘incentivise’ us all to get a job that doesn’t actually exist. Now Nick Clegg is claiming credit for the introduction of the Universal Credit.

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  11. Hi Denise! Thank you for coming over and offering feedback. So you were a reckless girl, too, eh? I think that is part of the beauty of being young: the not worrying about consequences. And yet.These days, I am grateful to be tethered to some less dangerous things.

  12. me love ♥ kjempekul dress …!Ludvig er konfirmant til høsten og skal ha modes of norway dress, hvakan jeg forvente meg Ã¥ betale for en slik lekkerbisk ?! tenker han velger en nøytral farge i anledning dagen, men jeg tipper han vil ha en rutete variant til andre anledninger senere, denne var super tøff og jeg skjønner godt han fikk mye oppmerksomhet, velfortjent med dressvalget ….!hÃ¥per 17. mai feiringen har vært vellykket og fin …!klem til deg♥

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  14. good call– I don’t listen to any of that stuff, so I would be pretty useless as far as actually writing about it in detail, but you’re definitely right on them being the new version of the Lookout scene

  15. Yeah, i dunno about a photoshop brush with fingerprints… not sure if that would work well. I’ve seen digital attempts at spontaneous practical effects like splatter, and it just always looks bad to me. Not that photoshop can’t do great effects with brushes, (it can obviously do great things) it just seems to fall flat when it tries to replicate more experimental practical techniques.Man, that sounded pretentious. Still though; it’s true.

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  24. Hi Field and all. I've been a FN reader for about a year now; switching back and forth between several interesting Af-AM blogs.I wanted to comment on this thread but after reading all the unnecessary and negative back and forth between the same ole personalities – perhaps I'll save my topic intro response for another day.Thanks for your conscientious and often humorous blog postings, FN.I look forward to reading them all in the new year. Enjoy your holiday vacation!

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  34. Thank you for the links! I believe in reading to my son every night, regardless of how busy or tired I am. At 13 months, my son is impatient, and often turns the page before I can finish reading it. This used to drive me nuts, but now I realize what’s more important: the positive associations he has with reading time. He looks forward to our trips to used bookstores, and everytime I bring out a book, even if he’s in a fussy mood, he’ll sit in my lap for story time. I hope this grows into a lifelong love of books.

  35. Muchos Kudos for articulating thoughts that were to me merely dull throbs somewhere in the back of my mind. I do have some reservations about your reservations, but per the original point, its like trying to stomp on wasps. I can say that targeting universalism is like hitting an elephants arse with a tennis racket, except it turns out to be a plaster cast of an elephants arse, and the arse in question has long gone.

  36. thanks for pointing out that link. i was a bit perplexed – i’ve seen, heard, and read lots about the possibilities of downsizing the seminaries or putting GGBTS and MBTS under the mastery of southern and/or southwestern. so, to see him clarifying that sbc bigwigs are in fact not out to funnel money TO the seminaries was sort of odd. i don’t get the rhetoric and maneuvering of our convention leaders sometimes.

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  43. i wish i could have hosted the show. ik everythin about that show. i used to watch it every day wen i was 5 and going to half day kindergarten. im only 11 but ik everythin. i could do better than drew carey. i miss bob.


  45. anon 7:42,Black folk don't have to speak about murder or other ills in the community, because there many, many people like you and no_slappz that do it. They speak ad nauseum on many, many other web sites, blogs and news aggregators. Even if we were to discuss it, we couldn't get a word in edgewise because of the preponderance of statistics and links that would flood the comments from the likes of you.Haven't you noticed that y'alls talk doesn't morph into a solution either. Talk is Cheap.

  46. theswimmer,From what I understand, the truth is even worse than the supposition.The standard conspiracy theory would be that the Administration leaked this to distract everybody from something else.From what I am given to understand, the Administration was warned that this was going to leak, and this is their idea of getting out in front of things and doing damage control. As Lawdog would say, "Ye gods and little fishies…"

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