Barnfotografering – Alice 1 år

IMG_4312 IMG_4313 IMG_4334s IMG_4371 IMG_4385 IMG_4391s IMG_4396Så söt så man smälter, lilla Alice 1 år gammal.

Idag postade jag iväg bilderna på Alice, och även på några fler barn vars föräldrar väntar på sina bilder 🙂

Annars så har min mamma varit här en sväng idag och följt med mig och handlat mat, samt handlat och planterat lite nya blommor i krukorna utomhus. Det var på tiden kan jag säga 😉 Imorgon ska vi på utflykt med mina “tjejer” och alla barn, mössebergs djurpark ska få besök av oss 🙂

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  42. above…all of the shots are simply beautiful and each of them certainly captures the joy and love that Jenn and John share together and with us again that picture of you in front of Macy’s Herald Square with the Believe in sparkling red was all I needed to be certain you were the one…Thank you honey…I know I’m the mommy but I know great pictures when I see them…I take them all the time and they are very important to me love you and the young lady who took some pictures as well….CC Jenn’s mommy

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  49. Vilken god maträtt;mums!!Ni har det tufft med sjuklingen,kul att det kunde lättas upp lite med nya färger och färger gör en ju glad:)Sköt om er och hoppas hon kryar på sej.Du får ha en trevlig Måndag och ta hand om dej:)Kram <3

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  67. 1- Don’t forget the fraud elections when ‘Levin’ Ter Petrossian was the president.2- Yes it sucks that they did ballot stuffing BUT if that was required to keep Levin away.. then thank you for doing it. We’ve brought the country this far, to hand everything back to that cunt once again is committing suicide. He’s done enough damage to last us a lifetime during his first presidential terms. So much that he had to resign. Lets not make that mistake again. Dashnak nominee – Vahan Hovannisian should have won darn it!!! 🙁

  68. As I recall, before TARP started, Paulson estimated that $700,000,000 was needed to keep mortgages from failing. Most in and out of Congress thought that this would go to help make mortgage payments, thus continuing the payment streams needed to prevent the triggering of the CDS’s based on the CDO’s based on all these “worthless” mortgages. Of course this would have helped the common man, who was so stupid he let the banks convince him he could make the payments , instead of the Bankers who had created the CDO’s in the first place.Unfortunately, we know who are friends are…

  69. Posted on December 18, 2012 at 6:52 pmThe following time I read a weblog, I hope that it doesnt disappoint me as lots as this one. I mean, I know it was my selection to discover, but I really believed youd have a single thing fascinating to say. All I hear is really a bunch of whining about something which you’d repair once you werent too busy in search of focus.

  70. To respond: I will be making calls about the h.s. coaching openings this week. It’s very hard to get school administrators on the phone this time of year, and nearly impossible during a holiday week. If I wanted to sweep it under the rug I would not have posted it on my blog and left it up there as the top item for two days, but I hope you amused yourself by needling me. I will be following it up this week at the Reebok Camp. My feel about Cheek: Seton Hall has no shot, Rutgers has an outside shot.

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  72. Bem, a nocão idealista que Serra avança nesta postagem é deveras interessante e ao mesmo tempo "armadilhada", pois eu sinto que ao avança-la Serra sabia que ressuscitar o velho Marx. Em minha opinião,o indivídio até pode escolher a direccão que quer dar à sua vida mas as algumas condicões sociais, tais como, a pobreza, exclusão, analfabetismo e outros não nos deixam com muitas escolhas.

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  74. 9e78elvira:c244безусловно — это не просто. Но лучше пробовать, учиться спокойно обсуждать с ребенком его проступки, тем самым вырастить ответственного, успешного, уверенного в себе человека, чем унижая и оскорбляя ребенка, потом страдать всю жизнь от того, что он вырос не таким, каким бы мы себе представляли…d3

  75. Ich bin gespannt auf Nachtglanz, bzw. wie du es findest. Ich hatte Tanja Heitmanns ersten Roman gelesen, habe aber nach gut 100 Seiten aufgegeben, weil ich ihn ganz grauenhaft fand. So gesehen bin ich gespannt ob sich die Autorin verbessert hat. Ich sehe nämlich immer ihre recht ansprechenden Cover und jedes Mal wenn ich den Namen lese, lasse ich es gleich liegen. Vielleicht muss das ja nicht so bleiben. 😉

  76. Hey Clint,Thank you for your thoughts. You seem like a wonderful person, and one I would like to know. I have been outspoken on message boards that I do not agree with Ron Paul. A) I believe in evolution. B) I’m no libertarian. I believe the government can be used for good. I believe that we must work together to care for each other. I am very philosophically different from Ron Paul on certain issues. That being said, I agree that he is more credible than anybody else on the GOP debate stage.

  77. what good is Nash going to be if these guys cant hit open shots?Think it’ time to try and ship out: GASOL, PEACE, EBANKS, MORRIS, MEEKS…reshape the roster with some guys at can actually put the ball in the basket!Howard is here for Defense, now we need some OFFENSE!the reason for the wierd rotation of Bryant, MWP, Jamison, Gasol, Howard is because MEEKS, MORRIS, DUHON, EBANKS ALL SUCK! There was no one else to play.

  78. Hi Elizabeth! You should be safe. I’ve certainly never run into anybody in there. The area is decent enough, so just keep your head about you and you should be fine. I wouldn’t specifically recommend going into any place like this alone just in case something goes horribly wrong, but I know plenty of people who have gone solo in worse places and came out fine.Most likely, most dangerous thing you’ll run into would be some mold. The place is pretty damp.

  79. , I was sort of wondering out loud where the responsibility is to keep some of the more graphic views of the incident away from the general public until it was known that those involved would be okay. The work of Wippert and Heupel isn’t anything to be ashamed of, but I was curious to see where that line is and who is supposed to follow it.Your response has given me a much better view of the issue, and so thank you for your input.Also, a quick look over your website tells me that you do really nice work. I hope we don’t offend you with my terrible camera phone pictures…

  80. I think 4 to 6 are sound advice for any novel. The others are important for a sequel, for sure.I’d like to go further with #1. I started a sequel to my first novel, and the first thing I did was carry forward all the worldbuilding notes and character sheets as my starting point. All the tools you might use to avoid that kind of continuity problem cropping up within a novel will also help from one to the next.

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