Barnfotografering i Tidaholm

IMG_7136IMG_7202 IMG_7180 IMG_7184 IMG_7330 IMG_7376 IMG_7405 IMG_7417Den här lille killen var hos mig när han var alldeles nyfödd, nu, nästan ett år senare så träffade jag honom bland vitsipporna och han var verkligen ett litet charmtroll framför kameran! Det resulterade i bland annat dessa bilder ovan, plus en massa massa fler jättefina!

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  2. What movements like these groups do is usually sweep out the party in power, and then cosmetically get embraced by the party that benefits. … and the process repeats … Charlie, your points are valid but they also underscore how frustrated people are by the system. I think if the political class of both parties would even attempt to feel empathy with the Tea Party people, or the more liberal Brownbaggers that have begun to demonstrate, that would be a positive.

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  8. Je me souviens avoir appris que c’était Bismarck qui avait introduit l’âge de soixante-cinq ans, lorsqu’il créa le système de retraite, à la fin du XIXe siècle. Et, pour rebondir sur altar, les Lettres apportent bien plus de débouchés qu’on le pense. Même dans les milieux bancaires… (selon les statistiques qu’on nous avait présentées lors des présentations des Uni)

  9. Thanks for the post Jess I think a lot of young people will relate to not being able to continue in mainstream education. I wasn’t either, but unfortunately my school weren’t educated at all in mental health and didn’t refer me anywhere, instead choosing to attempt to threaten me back to school and label me a truant. Subsequently I want to educate schools about mental health so young people don’t have to go through what I went through and are understood/listened to. It’s a shame if a young person’s education has to suffer because of something they have no control over.

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  12. Grazie Daniela, soprattutto per i saluti da parte delle chiese di Roma, che sono bellissime e ci terrei a rivederle tutte, sempre se trovo ancora un buon samaritano che mi fa da cicerone. Saluti!

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  21. É tão animador falar dos “frutos podres” dos outros e esquecer os seus próprios. Falar mau da pedagogia de Paulo Freie e defender as torturas praticadas na Idade Média é algo bem típico de analfabetos funcionais. Vamos rezar para que a Igreja seja levada a justiça pelos seus crimes contra a humanidade. Ta certo que ela fez algumas coisinhas boazinhas, mas isso não absolve ela de seus pecados.

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  25. Yesterday was pretty rough for me on these boards and I did not sleep well at all. People were saying things that were very spooky and I had to keep an eye out for the Freddy Kruger boogeyman that might have been hiding in my closet. Let’s not be spooky today ok? Let’s be positive ok? We all know that there are signs that we’re reaching a bottom, so we just need to be positive about it and talk about the green shoots ok? Thanks in advance for your co-operation in this matter.

  26. Somehow that is a familiar sight and you have all my sympathy :-)Since last Saturday we have got more than 50 cm on top of what we had from before. I now longer know where to put it, even though I have a snowblower.Thank you for the comment. The photo is from last week, but I didn't try the bench.

  27. PAUL WILLIAMSON Hello AaronGlad to hear you had an epic night. We did our usuall here and had an open house, Keri as always gort everyone compltley hammerd lots of sore heads and throeing up the next day.Sorry to hear about the dog, it is the same in a lot of countries I’m afraid. it is difficult to watch it happen, but they just have different priorities from us.Hope the new volunteers are good fun….ciao for nowPaulJanuary 6, 2012

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  29. They’re afraid. The current crisis represents not only a failure of economic theory, but also a failure of sociological theory.The EU is losing it’s grip on the public, the popularity of the nationalist parties is surging, and even some of the leftist parties, like the Dutch Socialists, are adopting ‘nativist’ ideas.The US has done a much better job of stifling dissent, but it seems like the political polarization is shifting from left-right to gloablist-nativist.It would be interesting to compare the DOW, or maybe consumer confidence, with public opinion about immigration and/or multiculturalism.

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  34. A comic rendition of P&P? That is amazing! I would still like to read it for myself, despite the slightly odd facial expressions… your haul is fantastic! I’ve just put myself on a book ban (because I’ve got too many unread books in the book case…) but when the Boekenfestijn hits Rotterdam in January, I will definitely go. Will you be visiting Leiden sometime, or do you correspond with your tutors via email?

  35. I got my IUD last Dec 2010 and back in Aug and Sept I had problems ( TMI to post) but I’m certain it caused me to miscarriage. In November I went and had it removed because after reading up on IUD’s I realized what they really do. Most people won’t have problems but the sad thing is they don’t know the hidden and unknown things its doing to their body and if they get pregnant then their baby. I’m now against them. Thank you Abby for posting this.

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  50. amen, girl friend.both Slaughter and PT seem to be about black and white solutions to “black and white” (not really) issues.what about those of us that want to work our asses of now, knowing that our salaries max out at 35 (PT’s words), save and scrimp so that at 35 i can have my kid, afford to bow out of the rat race and raise junior while starting my own business/personal projects.ugh, thank god i’m too old to listen to this.

  51. to lemuel:Mohu se zeptat, četl-li jste jeho dílo, či sledoval debatu okolo Gustloffa? ZjiÅ¡Å¥oval si materiální pomoc českému “disentu”? A co Vás vůbec vede k tomuto názoru?Ale jinak hle, hoří nám tu diskuze protichudných názoru – a to jenom utvrzuje ten článek 🙂

  52. Ah, I’m jealous of the minimalist approach. Some schools (so I’ve heard) seem to be creating an ever-growing onion – constantly adding layers without making anything taste better.Without file servers, where do the IS students store files? Is the whole school 1:1?Great post!

  53. Renan / isso rebate no estudo piscológico dos “maus” alunos. Geralmente são aqueles que são resistentes com tarefas e trabalhos porque acham desnecessários se fazer tanta coisa para depois esquecer, isso tambem parece que reflete na questão em que a escola parece tentar mais formatar pessoas do que formá-las. Então meus queridos educadores, quanto mais criativos forem e menos “máquinas datilógrafas á caneta” forem seus alunos, melhor serão suas notas e por fim seu desempenho.Gostei deste comentário ou não: 1

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  62. Karina – It’s great to talk about all of this, and not crazy at all (or, at least it’s MY kind of crazy). Not only are we putting all of this crazy, toxic stuff into us, but we’re putting it into the ground and the rivers and the air. Every time we buy something organic is a step away from that. Love to you, and thank you for trying to care for us all!

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  69. There is no evidence for your aryan migration theory.People have long debunked that theory,you can do mass DNA testing of everyone in TN and see how close of far are people from central asia/eastern europe.Infact that has already been done and the tests have shown that everyone is from here only and also your own Dravidar Kazhagam have started acknowledging it in their own speeches.In fact, many muslims of keezhakarai/kerala/UP have afghan/arab blood and there are clear proofs for that.

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  72. I leave town for a few days and look what happens! I’m in wild, wonderful West Virginia – land of bad perms and all-you-can-eat buffets.I am so sorry to read about Tovah and hope that she is recovering. Thanks for the award. One of my “cousins,” a young woman in her 30′s told me that she reads my blogs and thinks I’m “intriguing.” I liked that! I pass the same compliment to you, Miss Intriguing Pasadena Adjacent.

  73. I just made these with a few of substitutions: browned butter instead of coconut oil, apple cider instead of rooibos tea, 1/2 tbsp apple cider vinegar instead of lemon juice, and 30 grams honey instead of coconut sugar.I mixed the maple syrup with the dough at the same time as the chia jell. I think you forgot to mention in the directions when it's supposed to go in the dough. I was a bit skeptical when I first mixed the dough, it seemed very loose. However, chilling it for 2 hours made it consistent and easy to roll.Verdict: pretty damn good! Thanks.

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  75. After trying two different kinds I feel like South Beach is by far the ecig that comes the closest to the real thing. I actually live in South Beach and when I out at the club with this I so feel like I am smoking the real thing, right down to the taste but without the lingering stink on my clothing.AverageOverallPresentation & PackagingFlavorFlavor VarietyVapor VolumeBattery LifeValueShipping1 person found this review helpful.Was this review helpful to you?/

  76. If there is a hidden camera, could I have my image in soft focus, please. Scotland has a fascinating history, nearly always forcing the Scots to live in ‘interesting times’ so let’s not line up to travel backwards in time. Or forwards, might not be soothing to find our own graves. Who wants to know exactly where and when! I prefer it to be a surprise. Oops, makes a great last word.

  77. Max if this news gets out to the 250,000 demonstrators they will tear Mubi limb from limb. Essentially he has done what royalty in France attempted in 1790. Made off with all the jewels,gold and hard assets of the countrie’s treasury. It comes as no surprise of course since the American banksters are doing the same only thru different means.

  78. Ani, thank you so much for sharing your story about your daughter. Unfortunately, our system is not yet set up to care for kids like ours. I applaud you for your tireless effort to advocate for your daughter. Thank you for paving the way for the rest of us! Much love.

  79. Es muy triste ver que la mayoría de la gente usa el “haber” en lugar del simple y (teóricamente) sin lugar a dudas “a ver”. ¿Qué cuando van al cine están “habiendo” una película? o cuando van a visitar a su abuelita ¿la van “haber”? ¿Qué les enseñan a los niños en la escuela? Otro que escupe para arriba

  80. My little sister had eyebrows like that as a baby, and while they’re still quite thick she has definitely grown into them, and has also grown into an absolute stunner. I really don’t think a baby’s eyebrows, of all things, should be the defining factor in her “beauty”. I think Emery is an absolutely gorgeous child, and it bugs me that people can’t get past her eyebrows.

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