Barnfotografering – Lincoln

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Hur söt får man va?
Detta är Lincoln 1 år som vann en fotografering hos mig via en tävling jag hade på facebook när det var alla hjärtans dag! (Eller ja, hans mamma vann en tävling) Så nu har vi varit ute i vitsippeskogen och fotat fina bilder! jag bjuder på några smakprov så länge 🙂

Här hemma så har Milton fått lite feber (han fick vaccin i måndags så det är troligtvis därför) så förhoppningsvis blir det inte långvarigt. Han är pigg iallafall trots att han är lite lugnare än vanligt. Vi har ätit lite tacos nu ikväll och nu ska vi snart se på lite film 🙂 Hoppas att ni alla haft en härlig helg!

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  67. about the last seven presidents you just mentioned. One after another continued to follow the other with bad policies and surrounded themselves with special interests. Obama is just the same evil as they were. A true politicion who works for the people and wants to end these sick foreign alliances and war and focus on America and not the Global tyranny of the foreign interests is Ron Paul. His voting records stands and his refusal of special interest bribing is amazing.

  68. to rain on your parade, but come to Toronto and visit some fine 'diversified' neighborhoods, and you'll see Canadians also good hoodwinked by their PC zealots who let in masses of 'refugees' BTW, when I say 'diversified', I mean almost 100% black, as they are 'diversifying' people per se. Unlike whites they need not be forced to 'mingle' with others.

  69. buna dimineata George. de aceea am zis ca sunt deosebiri fundamentale intre informatori. unii au colaborat voit iar unii care au avut nenorocul sa intre in “masina de tocat” a securitatii au cedat neavand taria de a rezista la infinit presiunii. un exemplu eu cred ca este Mona Musca din a doua categorie, cel putin din evolutia de dupa revolutie asta banuiesc ca a fost situatia ei dinainte de revolutie.

  70. hey sarah! so glad you like them here too. i never show anything to anyone beforehand, afterwards i was like- cat! out! of! bag! but i am very dramatic in my mind. there’s more to come too!hi Marieke! so funny going to your blog and seeing Sarah. thanks so much about the pony garters! i’m definitely into just using recycled leather even if it is harder to source.

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