Flytt av hemsida!

Det kan verka lite rörigt här på sidan kanske, det är nämligen så att jag håller på att flytta över min hemsida till ett annat webbhotell! Det är lite att fixa med men snart så ska allting vara på plats igen tror jag 🙂

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  1. I can see I confused you by not defining my use of writer vs. author, Christa. Yes, I’m a writer, that’s not by accident. Writers aren’t necessarily published authors though. The being published part is what I didn’t think through — what I didn’t prepare for.Thank you for championing Brevity. It’s comments (and reviews) like yours that stop me from going into total hiding.

  2. This is so beautiful. It made me cry. You have such a wonderful way with words. I love you, my wonderful husband. You are truly amazing and we have traveled a long way through our life together. Through all of our challenges, family and friendships we still remain strong. May our lives continue to touch other lives along our journey into the unknown world of growing old together.

  3. So powerful I had to read this TWICE!!“Pain doesn’t get the final word in our many matters, friends. Neither do our preferences. Truth does. Thus, when pain comes knocking and brings her questions accordingly, may we always find our words and our trust anchored in the eternal Flame who lights us home and burns us brightly as we go.”Powerful message inspired by the Holy Spirit!

  4. about Lauren’s moving out: “This was a train running full steam ahead. Get out of the way or get run over by something that can’t be stopped.” I believe as parents we have to be keenly aware when “the train needs to leave the station.” My youngest isn’t only the train, she’s also the engineer, conductor and passenger. Peace Always!

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  6. dei pedanti:Non vorrei essere pessimista, ma una campagna di e-mail di protesta indirizzate a lui potrebbe produrre una risposta standard inviata a tutti: "Me lo fate voi un programma che faccia gli ascolti di Voyager?". E a quel punto, replicare sarebbe estremamente difficile :-PSecondo me, un Disinformatico televisivo gli ascolti di Voyager li farebbe.Ma basterebbe un semplice scientifico SuperQuark, se gli spettatori addormentati valgono 🙂

  7. Nice to know that there are still sane politicians in this world. Although not a Dutch national, I wish Geert and his party every success. Maybe if the UK observe the benefits of withdrawing from the EU with a good leader at the helm, they will be motivated to vote in one of their own parties with similar policies.

  8. I so wanted a bowl of spicy noodles the other night. Tom valliantly tried to find some at Big Bowl… Big disapointment. Guess we will have to keep looking for a local equivalent until we can come and visit!

  9. Hooray for boob crack!! You are so lucky to get yourself to not one but THREE fairs on your tod – what a bloody awesome haul you gorgeous gal – yes booboids can be quite a problem! Mine seem to have decided to grow again – at 43? wtf? Hell's bells you've picked out the most amazing, gorgeous gear and I cannot WAIT to see you styling them up – I LOVE what you wore for your photographer:)). Can we go to the next fairs together? I'm sure a 28-hour plane ride will be no problem for me;)) xoxoxo

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  11. Anna maria scrive:Io non ho voglia di vivere, nemmeno di respirare. Ma nemmeno ho la forza di uccidermi, anzi una volta ci ho provato e mi hanno preso in yempo,da allora non riesco. il punto é che nemmeno io so cosa voglio realmente..mi sento pero sporca, diversa ed inferiore..indegna..mi gaccio schifo.sono dieci giorni che ho smesso di lavorare, sto a letto e basta a cercare di dormire per non pensare e prendo psicofarmaci per cercare di dormire sempre. Tra l’altro il mio lavoro é a tempo indeterminato e st ol facendo di tutto x perderlo…aiuto..

  12. Jo det gör förlag, men jag tror att man också behöver tänka på att man i viss mån är en del av den där marknadsföringen, eller en del av produkten. Hur mycket fiktion man än må säga att det är, så har man ändå skrivit och lagt in en del av det där blödandet i texten också (förhoppningsvis i alla fall).

  13. ”Det är idiotiskt att ge sig pÃ¥ en annan människa pÃ¥ grund av en fÃ¥nig bild som dessutom är väldigt ful.”Det är sÃ¥ typiskt er islam-kramare/anti-demokrater att alltid alltid slänga in det här. Passa pÃ¥ att ge yttrandefriheten en känga. Klampa lite extra när man har chansen pÃ¥ Lars Vilks som precis misshandlats. Ni har verkligen ingen respekt alls för vare sig människoliv, yttrandefrihet eller demokrati.


  15. Zune and iPod: Most people compare the Zune to the Touch, but after seeing how slim and surprisingly small and light it is, I consider it to be a rather unique hybrid that combines qualities of both the Touch and the Nano. It’s very colorful and lovely OLED screen is slightly smaller than the touch screen, but the player itself feels quite a bit smaller and lighter. It weighs about 2/3 as much, and is noticeably smaller in width and height, while being just a hair thicker.

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  17. Abby is so beautiful! I am soo happy to read this and so excited I can finally get on your blog again…not sure why I couldn't for so long, but at any rate…love that she is learning and growing and living life like a child should!

  18. Makes sense, in a few points I wish to share my views. Your points 10 to 14 is covered in your CMP 2, that is point 2 takes care of 10 to 14.  I STRONGLY disagree we come and go empty handed and that the outer gives no happiness – metaphysics brings insights; one is that there is no distinction between the inner or outer, this just IS.  I will agree that pleasure of that which lies outside the body mind combine is experienced within the body mind combine.  I do agree that we need metaphysics. Â

  19. Très sympa l’interview, ce journaliste a beaucoup de talent et une belle voix radiophonique.Je pense qu’il a su mettre Mylène à l’aise. On le ressent très bien ainsi que les rires de Mylène toujours très communicatifs.Oui Lancelot31, on aurait voulu en savoir plus sur le clip mais cela n’aurait-il pas défloré le mystère et donc la surprise? Surement!En tout cas, pour moi un bon moment radiophonique!:))  deketelaere

  20. Also I believe that mesothelioma is a unusual form of many forms of cancer that is generally found in those previously subjected to asbestos. Cancerous tissues form inside the mesothelium, which is a safety lining that covers a lot of the body’s body organs. These cells normally form while in the lining on the lungs, mid-section, or the sac which encircles one’s heart. Thanks for sharing your ideas.

  21. I watched that go down live when I lived in Doraville. It was the most horrifying thing I had ever witnessed on TV till 9/11.Matt, why don't you tell everyone what made the people at Waco and Ruby Ridge "asshats"?Was it their religious beliefs?Was it because they made money selling firearms?Was it because they lived in remote locations and wanted nothing more than to be left alone?Do tell…Gmac

  22. So your not a believer in the Vampire of the Continent either?Your theory seems to imply that some sociological law is at work. I think I may find the germ model more convincing, not that I believe the germ is American in origin. The Catholic/Protestant divide may be important on this topic, but I'm not sure if its the nature or the network.

  23. This is disturbing that its the real dog and not replica. Why would they do that. That dog deserved to rest in peace not be displayed like a freak or a circus animal. I hope they make a replica and bury the poor dog. This is not right or even wax figure would be appropriate. What a touching story, teary eyes when you watch both. You tube has trailers for both versions. What a beautiful dog tho.

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  26. Ce produit a l’air pas mal du tout et en plus le rapport qualité/prix juste wow !!J’ai besoin de ce produit car depuis toute petite je suis plutot ronde et pour ne pas arranger ma situation dans la famille ont à des problèmes de circulation du sang, du coup au bout d’une longue journée je sens mes jambes lourdes et la chaleur de ces jours n’arrangent rien à mon problème. Exit les talons qui sont la base de la féminité..

  27. From the looks of things some rookie MP’s expected to have everything handed to them on a silver platter. If this has been common practice for years, then the NDP knew about it. What I like to know if the NDP also did this when they lost a seat, but knowing the CBC and it’s poor and bias reporting standards we’ll never know.

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  38. After I told them that the images that didn’t make the cut were deleted, they were very understanding and didn’t push any further. I think that even though I told them before the session, in the contract, and at the end of the session what the process was, they were just secretly hoping there’d be more anyway. Once they heard for sure that there weren’t anymore photos, the response was generally still positive. I’ve even had referrals from some of those same clients![] Reply:November 14th, 2012 at 6:45 pmI somehow double-posted this response. Sorry about that![]

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  40. Problemet är att de etablerade partierna inte förmår tolka eller läsa av svenska opinionen. Sverige är inte immunt mot främlingsfientlighet, detta borde politiken veta och inte verkställa en så frikostig invandring som nu pågår. Nu väcker man hemska björnar till liv vilket förvånar politiker inom de etablerade partierna. Nu är läget som det är. Analyserna avlöser varandra, förvirring tycks råda trots att förklaringen är enkel, väldigt enkel.

  41. Pretty little waxbills. I was surprised with the not-so-shy birds flitting into Hawaii's open air restaurants, usually behaving themselves. The sparrows on Maui and the roosters on Kauai aren't shy. Most of the roosters seem to know to stay out of the restaurants, but I did see fencing next to my table! DrumMajor

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  43. Meredith, I just caught your comment and had to respond, because I’m moving away from my sister right before she has her babies and I’m going to be SO SAD WHEN IT’S TIME TO LEAVE! I feel your pain. Also, I share your hatred of celery. V.I.L.E.And hello Virginia!

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  97. Lifting you up in prayer, sweet one. . . . I heard Mandesa's song "Broken Hallelujah" just this morning while working out. And right then, in the gym, on the stair master, God laid on my heart that someone I knew was hurting. It was you. I just know it. Praying God will fill your heart with a Broken Hallelujah. Love love.

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